Eleutheria Merodoulaki (Magnanimity)

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My mother was the personification of magnanimity, material and emotional (forgiveness). This fund takes her characteristic into eternity.
This fund is in memory of my mother, Eleutheria Merodoulaki, a beautiful woman and a wonderful soul who made better the lives of everyone in contact with her. She died aged 77, on September 12th, 2020, unable to eat, drink, or have a cigarette and eventually even breathe.

Eleutheria had quietly provided for everyone, her own as well as other families, from practical help and emotional comforting to forgiveness and help even to those who had hurt her deeply - and even in the absence of an apology. She had a beautiful smile and infinite love for her family, friends, neighbours, and anyone she met. She worked hard bringing up a family of three children in difficult politico-economic circumstances, as well as running her brother's bakery for seven years before working in a hotel for several years. A really pleasant person, her understanding, fairness and support for customers and colleagues made her very popular. She loved having company and supporting and celebrating her children in their achievements. She was a sensitive listener, a practical helper, and enjoyed good jokes and conversations, including updates on the latest political mess. She was great fun but also a bulwark for everyone she loved.

All this until a series of strokes disabled her from tracking her memory and then going out, and gradually from managing her own affairs. As the strokes insidiously undermined her abilities, from having been the family's mental archive all our life, initially, she started forgetting what she had said and done, she stopped going out unaccompanied for fear of getting lost, and in the end became unable to walk, to eat or drink. She continued to be a magnanimous angel, thankful, smiling, tolerating, and forgiving. It was our luck that she was our mother, friend, confidante, comforter, fun companion and role model.

This fund celebrates her life and her quiet but shining work as a mother, wife, friend, colleague. It is to perpetuate her magnanimity through helping to improve our knowledge, understanding and therapies about stroke; as well as our understanding of and response to people affected by stroke: patients and their loved ones.

Thank you for mirroring Eleutheria's magnanimity by contributing to this fund to improve potentially all of our lives.