Fundraising Tips

Share your Tribute Fund
Sharing your Tribute Fund with friends and family is the easiest way to start your fundraising. You can do this by using the Facebook, Twitter and email buttons on your Tribute Fund – or alternatively you can just share the link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and over email.

Memorial or remembrance service
If you are using this fund alongside a memorial service you can add details of the arrangements with your friends and family via the Tribute Fund. If you are asking for donations to the Stroke Association in lieu of flowers at the service, you can ask that people donate via your Tribute Fund.

Taking part in an event
Many people take part in events in memory of a loved one. Join #TeamStroke and walk, run, swim or cycle to raise money on your Tribute Fund. Take a look at the events here.

Organising your own fundraising event
There are many ways to bring people together to remember your loved one and raise vital funds. Cake sales, sports tournament and pub quizzes are all popular ways to fundraise. Some supporters also like to hold a brunch, dinner, coffee morning or cocktail evening – where they can share stories and memories of their loved one.

However you choose to fundraise, your friends, family and colleagues can donate via your Tribute Fund, so that all your donations and messages are kept in one place.

Anniversaries and special occasions
Your Tribute Fund is yours to use as long as you wish to. You, your friends and your family may wish to make a donation to your Tribute Fund on special dates, birthdays and anniversaries.